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The Eggshell Scooper


  • Kitchen utensil designed for extracting fallen eggshell pieces from containers
  • Provides a cleaner and more convenient way to remove eggshell pieces, eliminating the need for fingers
  • Also useful for extracting seeds from glasses for fruit juice preparation
  • Suitable for extracting both very small and larger eggshell pieces and fruit seeds
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Handy tool for use in kitchens, bakeries, and restaurants
  • Offers a faster and easier method for removing seeds and eggshell pieces from containers. Works well in both round and square containers due to its rounded side and horizontal top lip
  • The handle and spoon portion design makes eggshell extraction more efficient and the space-saving design, can be hung on a kitchen hook. Dimensions: 9”L X 1.5”W X 2”H
  • Versatile and not limited to eggshells – can scoop out other objects from liquid environments.

   USA Patented